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This is so fucking hot ….. Brooks fucks Ryan deep ….. so fucking deeeeep ……. Ryan’s toes are curling, his legs are wrapping around Brooks …… and then Brooks blows his hot load deep inside Ryan ….. it’s so fucking hot.  

Be sure to watch the end when Ryan tells Brooks to “stick it in again” …. when Brooks obliges, the effect on Ryan, right as the cum-soaked cock goes back in, is so sexy …. he purrs/moans:  ”Allllllllll the wayyyyyyyy yeah.”  Fucking hot.  Enjoy!

Loud sex is the best. It’s so hot when the top cums inside the bottom. Love how the top keep pushing as deep into the bottom as he can. When you’re able to make someone feels this good like damn…

            ——— yes!

Awesome thrust job. Love the raw sex.

            …… and deep internal cum shots!

fucking perfect

Fucking perfection! That tops hot!











Get ready to fucking blow your load ….. that’s all I have to say ….. for now that is ……

damn hot SC clip.   I’m a top so I know I’d love to fuck that ass, but hell, that top makes me want to let him fuck my ass and fill me with his seed

            ——— He fucking makes me want to do the same, guyinnashville …… man, he is so fucking energetic and enthusiastic …. and the way his whole body reacts to the orgasm, especially those legs, is fucking hot ….. wouldn’t mind at all feeling that hot cock inside me pumping that load ………


Holy fuck, one of the sexiest fuck I’ve ever seen, not only they are loud and vocal. The way that the top fucks bottom so good that bottom has to catch his breathe so hard, and the top pulls him in and kiss him while he’s catching his breathe. And how when the top pound faster both getting loud and intense together. At last when the top cums so intensely and hard, his legs twitching and the bottom pull top’s sensitive cock and sits on it. Fuuuuuck this turns me on so much.

            ——- The hot fuck talk starting at 3:42 where the top says “it feels so fucking good …. makes me want to fucking cum” and the bottom says “oh yeah?” and then tells him “not yet” because he wants that hot cock to keep fucking him ….. fuck!


sodosatyr: Used to say I love hot guys in jeans; love them more when they’re out of them, but these two?  Keep ‘m off and keep fucking, guys, you’re amazing!

I’m not sure I can add much to what’s already been said.  This is fucking hot.  They start out with some serious bro-affection in the foreplay…they are clearly into each other…the shirtless, sockless jeans look just takes it even further.  By the time they get to fucking, you notice the sexy SoCal board shorts tan…the rock hard cock on the top…the moaning…the thigh muscles of the bottom dude….until they finally end up making love to each other…this is more than just a fuck….These guys understand chemical lust and sex.  

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Quinn is so fucking sexy …. love watching him ride cock and listening to his sexy talk ….

As this clip begins, he’s already been riding for a little while and precum is oozing out of his cock: ”Look how wet you’re making me.” When you’ve got precum flowing, you just know you’ve got a hot clip ……

Sweet piece!!

The bottom is so hot, he’s like the one giving instruction. And the way that the top’s shirt is not removed completely kinda turns me on don’t know why. Hot fuck

——- Would love to be listening to that sexy fuck as he rides me and oozes precum on me and rubs his rock hard cock on me and tells me to thrust up into him ….. fuck!

Omg!!! Sooo fuckin hot!

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Hot guys on one hell of a hot fuckin video - awesome!

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Oiled Up and Fuck Hot!

Theon slides his hot oiled body all over Solomon until he’s all horned up and begging for Theon’s cock …. the fucking leaves Solomon’s entire body in the throes of a full-body orgasm …. spasm after spasm after spasm.  It’s fucking HOT!!

Oil me up, grind on me, make me horny, make me hard, make me cum, then you can have my body whenever you want.

Fuck …. joellevine is killing me with these comments …. I’m getting so horned up watching these vids again and reading these comments …. Fuuuuuckkkkkk ……………..

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Some fucking hot cum shots here …. Aiden gets fucked by Chandler and cums three times …. Aiden’s cum shots are always legendary but Chandler matches him here with a full body orgasm of his own …. so hot to see the effect on Chandler as Aiden sucks the remaining load out of Chandler’s cock …. hot stuff!

These two make the perfect pair. The top must’ve hit the spot right and the bottom is famous with the intensity of his orgasm. And the top I personally think is famous with his urge to cum. That’s why I said they make perfect pair. The hottest part will be when the bottom cum second times, he said” my whole body is fucking twitching” then the top immediately rub his back and hands all over him to add the touching sensation upon bottom’s orgasm. Then he reached around and grab bottom’s dick and ask “got anymore left in you?” And bottom said “let’s see”. And the finale when the top cums. The urge he had to shoot that load out and notice his legs and body muscles are literally twitching you can even see in the video. And when the bottom last suck top’s cock, how the top twist his body as his sensitive cock being sucked and you can imagine his eyes roll back and the orgasmic feeling reached it’s peak. It’s so fucking hot. These two know seriously how to have sex. I want to have sex with this kind of people.

             ——- I think I’m in love …..

Gay sex…as it should be. Love the kiss at the end. Both feed off each other’s orgasmic rythm. Hot!

            ——- This ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Always a good one

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I want that cum, but what the hell is with the jewelry?

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