A hidden camera portrays sexual interactions between bankers in a public restroom during their lunch break.

*No actors were used in the making of BANKERS

Go to http://www.antoniodasilvafilms.com/bankers to watch the full length film.


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songbirdahava asked:

You ever post any videos or pictures of yourself? Your blog is fucking sexy, it'd be nice to see the man behind the magic.


Lol. I haven’t so far. Maybe I should consider it. :)



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You’re not done just cuz he’s cum.

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Heath fucks Jared.  Plenty of hot kissing and grinding and frottage in this one.  Best part is watching Heath cum while he’s fucking Jared.  He tries to pull out for the money shot but fucking Jared has brought him to the edge before he expected it and he’s cumming into the condom as he pulls out ….. love it.

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Jamie and Jess.  These two are fucking into each other.  Post-cum making out is off the charts ……

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This should get you hard and wet ….

Trenton and Chandler are so fucking sexy together …. so hot to see them all over each other …. kissing …. rubbing their wet bodies against each other …. the sexual energy building throughout  ….

When Chandler cums, his legs twitch uncontrollably with the orgasm …. and then as Trenton sucks the cum out of his cock …. and then lets it drip back all over that beautiful shaft …. Chandler’s legs tense up and his whole body twists as the waves of orgasm continue to hit him ….. so fucking HOT!

Mmmmhmmmm! More fun with these two!! FUCK!!!

I love when the bottom sucks the cock that just bred him

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Two fuck-hot bros go at it!  Travis and Zeb.  

Hot bodies pressing and grinding and kissing and fucking …… until both blow their loads at the same time …. 

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